Monday, 30 June 2008

Space suits.

Apollo space suits have always held a particular fascination for me. Manned spacecraft of the smallest possible dimensions, the boots left mankind's mark on the lunar surface: a mark that will remain for millions of years.

In October of 1967 ILC Dover developed this prototype or Mk II over-boot.

The final Mk III design  in the year that followed differed slightly in appearance, but significantly retained the same boot tread. This sole came from the same mold as that used on Neil Armstrong's boots.

Complete with inner pressure glove and wrist connect, this unflown Apollo A7L EVA glove is a stunning artifact. Such a glove in private ownership is not unique.

What does make this glove special however is that it was worn by 
Jim Irwin AFTER he had walked on the moon in July/August 1971
as Apollo 15 Lunar Module Pilot.

Apollo 15 Lunar Module Pilot stands besides his spacecraft "Falcon" 
and salutes his nation in The Hadley Apennines region of the moon.
 July 1971.

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